Products designer & SLG Patter Maker

Menorah Stationery Pvt Ltd - Madurai, Tamil Nadu
  • Full Time
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SLG Pattern Making & Designing– Should be able to translate blueprints and design models into factory patterns using drafting software or freehand measurement techniques.

SLG Pattern maker Requirements:

  • Bachelors in Fashion Designing, Diploma in Pattern making and SLG designing.
  • Previous experience as a Fashion bag or shoes / SLG Patternmaker.
  • Interest in Small Leather Goods Designing and making fashion accessories & Lifestyle goods with Leather
  • Knowledge on different stiches and techniques to make the product durable and beautiful
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and design models.
  • Proficient with computer drafting software including CAD.
  • Excellent fine motor skills.
  • Experience with measuring, snipping, milling, and cutting tools.
  • Detail-oriented.

Patternmaker Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with product designers to discuss the base design.
  • Reading and interpreting design models and blueprints.
  • Creating rough-draft templates using computer drafting software and freehand techniques.
  • Measuring, cutting, and designing patterns in the material required.
  • Double-checking the pattern dimensions and style.
  • Sending the initial pattern for a manufacture check.
  • Meeting with designers to review the final product.
  • Tweaking the pattern and filing the design.
  • Analyzing and understanding market trend and forecast

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