Customer Supply Coordinator

Nokia - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Job Description :

Accountable for

  • Receive and validate customer purchase order process.
  • Logistics service execution from handover to LC up to cash collection support.
  • Single Point of Contact (POC) for all Delivery Operations (DO) Heads and Account Logistics Managers (ALM) escalation for a given pool.

Responsible for

  • Logistics service execution from logistics kickoff to handover to Logistics Coordinator and managing & monitoring logistics service execution up to final acceptance, including cash collection support.
  • One primary Point of Contact (POC) for each focus Order Management (OM) pool :
  • Standardized process implementation
  • Workload balancing within OM Team and towards CG
  • 1st Level escalation for CBT ALMs and DO Heads
  • To allocate, support and monitor; order execution and reporting on tasks requested from all DO Heads and CBT ALM in market.


  • Contributes to all logistics tasks in daily business/order execution, e.g. constraints solving and escalation management.
  • Contributes towards the enhancement of overall quality of processes and guidelines.

Prepares for order
Takes over from ALM and ensures master data availability and customer case materialized and planned for ordering.

Manages order (L*)

  • Receives customer purchase order.
  • Ensures opportunity ID (CRM) is linked to customer purchase order.
  • Performs order sanity check using checklist. In case of missing, unclear or wrong information, collaborates with SSM/TCC and F&C to ensure order correctness.

Classifies order by type:

  • Commodity (CG & LC) and complex (Nokia & ALC). In case of complex order, updates Cover head and sends acknowledgement report.
  • Completes order entry template (OET). Collaborates with F&C, CPM, SSM/TCC to ensure order correctness.
  • Coordinates ordering activities until final acceptance (-L700), in accordance with the project rollout plan (team) and in exceptional cases, transactions for complex orders,
  • Collaborates with CFO/F&C to collect cash process, when required.
  • Pre invoicing BoQ and SAP alignment with GS and F&C.
  • Ensure trade management compliance for deliveries.
  • Ensure compliance to LoC requirements, when/where applicable.
  • Customer interface for invoices and delivery reconciliations.
  • Pre shipment inspection coordination.
  • Identify correct source of supply and make sure it is used while ordering.
  • Additional tasks upon ALM’s request/delegation based on competence level incl. performs last mile / DOP invoice verification, collects and documents SOX evidences, performs stock take activities as per legal requirements, solves constraints and manages escalations.


  • Coordinates logistics daily tasks in order to monitor and control logistics key performance indicators (KPI). E.g.: OTDr, Freight costs, PARD, L* to L100, FTCOR, FTOC.
  • Provides explanations and clarification, solves constraints and manages escalation.


  • Manages, guides and monitors logistics service execution (work of LCs).
  • Key User tasks when nominated
  • Support in demand planning management and pre sales activities, when nominated.

Experience : 0.00-50.00 Years

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