Casting Engineer

Veritas Engineering - Krishnagiri
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 Automotive |  Casting Line In-Charge


1) Start and operate furnace, oven, diecasting, coremaking, metal molding, or rotating machines to pour metal or create molds and casts.

2) Remove casting from mold, mold from press, or core from core box, using tongs, pliers, hydraulic ram, or by inversion.

3) Pour or load metal or sand into melting pot, furnace, mold, core box or hopper, using shovel, ladle, or machine.

4) Inspect metal casts, and molds for cracks, bubbles, or other defects and measures castings to ensure specifications met.

5) Clean, glues, and racks cores, ingots, or finished products for storage.

6) Cut spouts and pouring holes in molds and sizes hardened cores, using saws.

7) Signal or directs other workers to load conveyor, spray molds, or remove ingots.

8) Requisition molds and supplies and inventories and records finished products.


  • Casting Supervisor
  • Foundry Assistant/Casting Assistant

Gender : All | Age Limit – 23-30 | Openings – 1 | Experience – 4-5 Years

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