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Job Description

 . Steps has to be taken care that the material description in the order bill is same and exact.

· To check whether the rate and discount part is mentioned in the bill

· To make sure that all the details of customer is been mentioned like name, address, ph. no, GST no, email id, pan no. while creating customer ledger

· To make sure the particular customers has no bill outstanding or due, if due it is his/her duty to inform the HR/credit control department before billing.

· While creating stock item it is important for the billing department to ensure that correct HSN code, tax rate, cat number, description is clear.

· Identification and preparation of extra items.

· Preparing all billing records and update it.

· Providing billing related information/documents to client as and when required.

· Random Physical checking of bills at site case to case.

· Reconciliation of material.

· Prepare monthly and quarterly structure cost reports.

· Forecasting monthly material required and cost estimation.

· To Manage account balances to discover outstanding debts or other inconsistencies

· Collect all information needed to calculate bills receivable (order amounts, discount rates etc.)

· Issue invoices and bills and sent them to customers through various channels (mail, e-mail etc.)

· Receive payments through various methods (cash, online payments etc.) and check for credibility

· Send reminders for payments and contact customers when assigned

· Update accounting records with new payments, balances, customer information etc.

· Adjusting Advances on pro rata basis as per the contract terms & keeping the record of the same.

  • Evaluates or monitors contract performance to determine necessity for amendments or extensions of contracts, and compliance to contractual obligations
  • Ensure all contractually sold and implemented products and services are properly invoiced to clients in a timely and accurate manner
  • Receiving and sorting incoming payments with attention to credibility
  • Update accounts receivable database with new accounts or missed payments
  • Ensure all clients remain informed on their outstanding debts and deadlines
  • Identifies and negotiates revisions as necessary with the clients
  • Answer phones and direct calls as necessary, in order to meet internal and external client needs. Accurate message taking and communication
  • Ensures material is delivered as per pre-defined schedule

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